Project Manager & Art Director  

It was only natural that Álvaro, born and bred in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica, would eventually move to New York and realize his dream of complaining about the weather. As a little kid, he spent most of his time making doodles, running with scissors, and playing on the computer. One fateful day, someone mentioned that in New York City they actually paid people to do those things, and since then there has been no turning back.

Technically, Álvaro is an advertising designer and project manager, but if he were writing a profile for online dating he would also mention he is a master baker, photographer, and globe trotter (think Marco Polo, not Curly Neal)... As a child of Central America in the 80’s, it’s not surprising that he feels drawn to guerilla advertising, because “it’s spontaneous and gets to the point in an interesting way”... or maybe just because “it’s guerilla and it sounds subversive” (but we’d have to look that up in the dictionary to make sure).

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